A Congressman Errs on Growth

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) exposed his ignorance the other day when he proclaimed that mass...

John Vinson

The Real Cost of the Administration’s Reckless, Lawless Immigration Policies

On April 19, the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security conducted a hearing on the...

Michael W. Cutler

Minor Aliens to Receive Medi-Cal Coverage Starting in May

On May 1, a new California law will go into effect that will provide medical coverage to minor...

Joe Guzzardi

DREAMers, Advocates Show Disrespect as Supreme Court Hears U.S. v. TX

During the Supreme Court hearing on U.S. v. Texas, large groups of protestors, including illegal...

Joe Guzzardi


CAPS Position on Health Care Coverage

CAPS firmly believes that working Americans are entitled to health insurance coverage for contraception.  A case now before the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether private corporations can obtain an exemption from the Contraceptive Mandate of the Affordable Care Act. While we support everyone's right to their own beliefs, we do not believe that employers should be able to deprive their employees of health care coverage for birth control.

Feds silent as migrant flights keep on coming

Costa Rica and Panama have flown about 8,000 Cuban migrants to northern Mexico. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

Joel Gehrke
April 26, 2016
Washington Examiner

A State Department officials admitted Tuesday that the Obama administration has not demanded that Central American countries end their efforts to airlift Cuban immigrants to the southern U.S. border.


Natural Treasures and Resources, California Dream at Risk as Population
Projected to Increase to 50 Million by 2050 Ahead of SCOTUS Ruling

LOS ANGELES (April 18, 2016) As the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments today about the future of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) launched a radio spot across Los Angeles suggesting California implement policies encouraging less immigration to slow population growth, given the impact on water, natural resources, the environment and quality of life for future generations. The ads are scheduled to run through Earth Day.

Is the California drought America's water wake-up call?

Jay Famiglietti
April 16, 2016
The California drought is not over. The great hope for major replenishment of California's surface and groundwater supplies — the “Godzilla” El Niño — has failed thus far to live up to its super-sized hype, delivering only average amounts of rain and snow, primarily to the northern half of the state.

California drought fears ease, don’t vanish, with rain

Jeremy B. White
April 13, 2016
The Sacramento Bee

A wetter winter has dampened Californians’ anxiety about the drought, though large majorities remain deeply concerned about ongoing water shortages and committed to consuming less.

Earth Day 2016 – The Overriding Issue of Overpopulation in California!

SANTA BARBARA—As we celebrate another Earth Day, a California nonprofit organization reminds us that population growth is still the fundamental environmental problem.

“Overpopulation is the root cause of so much environmental destruction. Human activity devours open space, destroys wildlife habitat, and drives species extinct,” said Jo Wideman, executive director of Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS). Since the first Earth Day in 1970, world population has doubled to 7.4 billion, and the U.S. population has grown from 203 million to 324 million.

Border Patrol ordered to release illegals ‘still soaking wet’ from Rio Grande, union says

Photo by: Eric Gay
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine agents patrol along the Rio Grande on the Texas-Mexico border on Feb. 24, 2015, near Rio Grande City, Texas. (Associated Press)
Stephen Dinan
April 10, 2016
Washington Times